1.1 The purpose of this Shipping Policy ("Policy") is to set forth the procedures, terms, and conditions under which ("Ancorytech" or "the Company") delivers its digital products and services to its customers. Ancorytech is a platform committed to providing advanced artificial intelligence solutions to cater to content creation and image generation needs. While the term "shipping" typically implies physical movement of goods, in the context of this Policy, it refers to the electronic delivery of digital goods and services offered by Ancorytech.

1.2 This Policy is binding upon all users of the Ancorytech platform. By accessing, browsing, or using our services, users acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions set out in this Policy.

1.3 Given the nature of the services provided by Ancorytech, all deliveries are made electronically, and there are no physical products involved. Accordingly, the terms of this Policy are tailored to address the nuances of digital delivery.


2.1 Digital Delivery Only: Ancorytech exclusively provides digital delivery of its products and services. This means that once a purchase is completed, customers will receive their purchased digital product or service electronically, typically via email, a download link, or through a designated user dashboard on the Ancorytech platform.

2.2 No Physical Delivery: Ancorytech does not offer or engage in the physical delivery of any products. Therefore, users should not expect to receive any tangible goods or physical media upon purchasing a service or product.

2.3 Delivery Mediums: Depending on the nature of the product or service purchased, the digital delivery may take the form of a link to access the content, an email containing the content, a downloadable file, or access through a secure portal on Ancorytech’s website.

2.4 Access and Storage: Once delivered, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that they securely store and maintain their digital purchases. Ancorytech is not responsible for any losses, damages, or unauthorized access to a customer's purchased content post-delivery.

2.5 Integrity of Delivered Content: Ancorytech endeavors to ensure that the digital content delivered to customers is free from viruses, malware, or any other harmful components. Customers are advised to have updated security software to scan any downloaded content to protect their devices and systems.


3.1 No Associated Costs for Digital Delivery: Ancorytech prides itself on ensuring a seamless experience for its users. Given the exclusively digital nature of the products and services provided, there are no shipping costs associated with the delivery of any purchase made on the Ancorytech platform.

3.2 Total Purchase Price: All prices listed for services and products on Ancorytech's platform are comprehensive, meaning the amount you see is the total amount you pay. There are no hidden charges, fees, or additional costs linked to the electronic delivery of our products.

3.3 Currency and Conversion: All transactions on the Ancorytech platform are processed in U.S. dollars unless explicitly stated otherwise. If a user is making a purchase from outside the United States, their bank or credit card company may apply currency conversion rates or foreign transaction fees. Such charges are beyond the control of Ancorytech and are the sole responsibility of the user.

3.4 Transparency in Pricing: Ancorytech is committed to maintaining transparency in its pricing. Any changes to pricing structures, discounts, or promotional offers will be clearly communicated to the users via the platform or through other official communication channels. Ancorytech will never charge users for any costs or fees without their express knowledge and consent.


5.1 Not Applicable for Digital Products: Given the nature of Ancorytech's offerings, which are solely digital, customs, duties, and traditional taxes associated with physical goods crossing borders are not applicable. All products and services are delivered electronically, bypassing the need for conventional customs clearances or the imposition of import duties.

5.2 Local Tax Considerations: Although no customs or duties apply, users might be subject to local sales tax, value-added tax (VAT), or other local levies depending on their jurisdiction. Such taxes are determined by local laws and regulations and are outside the purview of Ancorytech.

5.3 User's Responsibility: It remains the responsibility of the user to be aware of and fulfill any tax obligations that may arise from purchasing digital products or services. Ancorytech does not collect or remit taxes on behalf of users, nor can it provide tax advice or information specific to any jurisdiction.

5.4 Invoices and Receipts: Upon successful completion of a transaction, Ancorytech will provide users with a detailed receipt or invoice for their purchase. Users should retain these documents for their records, especially if needed for tax or accounting purposes.

5.5 Seeking Professional Advice: If users are uncertain about their tax obligations concerning their purchases on Ancorytech, it is recommended they consult with a tax professional or legal counsel in their jurisdiction to ensure full compliance with local laws and regulations.


6.1 Definition of Failed Delivery: A failed delivery refers to instances where a user does not receive their purchased digital product or service from Ancorytech despite successful payment processing. This could be due to technical errors, incorrect user-provided information, or other unforeseen issues.

6.2 Notification and Resolution: If a user believes they've experienced a failed delivery, they should promptly notify Ancorytech's support team. The company is committed to investigating such issues swiftly and will endeavor to resolve them in the shortest time possible.

6.3 Correction of User Information: In cases where the failed delivery is due to incorrect email addresses or other user-provided details, users are responsible for providing the correct information to Ancorytech. The company will re-process the digital delivery once the correct details are furnished.

6.4 Refunds: In rare circumstances where the delivery failure cannot be resolved, Ancorytech may, at its discretion, offer a refund or a credit towards a future purchase. The decision to provide a refund will be based on the specifics of the situation, and users will be required to provide relevant details to support their claims.

6.5 Limitation of Liability: While Ancorytech is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction, it will not be held liable for failed deliveries arising due to issues beyond its control, such as user error, third-party interference, or force majeure events. The company's liability in cases of failed deliveries will be limited to the value of the purchased product or service.


7.1 General Inquiries: For general questions, concerns, or feedback regarding Ancorytech's digital products, services, or this Shipping Policy, users are encouraged to reach out to the company via the "Contact Us" section on the Ancorytech website.

7.2 Addressing Failed Deliveries and Other Issues: If users experience technical issues, failed deliveries, or any other concerns specifically related to their purchases, they should directly contact Ancorytech's support team. The support team is trained to address such concerns promptly and effectively.

7.3 Contact Details: Users can contact Ancorytech at:

• Email:

7.4 Response Time: Ancorytech is committed to providing timely responses to all user inquiries. While the company endeavors to respond within 24 hours, during peak times or holidays, the response might take slightly longer. Users are assured that all inquiries will receive the attention and resolution they deserve


8.1 Policy Review and Updates: Ancorytech reserves the right to review, amend, or modify this Shipping Policy from time to time to reflect changes in its practices, technology, or to remain compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

8.2 Notification of Changes: Should any significant changes be made to this Policy, Ancorytech will notify its users through prominent notices on its platform, or through other communication channels like email.

8.3 Date of Last Revision: It's advisable for users to regularly check this Policy for any changes or updates. The date of the last revision will always be clearly stated at the beginning or end of this document.

8.4 Acceptance of Changes: Continued use of the Ancorytech platform and its services after any changes to this Policy constitutes acceptance of those changes. If users do not agree with any of the changes, they are advised to cease using Ancorytech's services.


9.1 Adherence to U.S. Laws: Ancorytech operates under the jurisdiction of the United States and, as such, complies with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations pertaining to digital product and service delivery.

9.2 International Users: For users accessing Ancorytech outside of the United States, they are responsible for ensuring their use of the platform and its services is in compliance with local laws and regulations. While Ancorytech endeavors to make its offerings globally accessible, it cannot guarantee that its services align with every jurisdiction's local laws.

9.3 Cooperation with Authorities: Ancorytech will cooperate with law enforcement and other authorities in investigations of any alleged violations of laws or regulations. This might involve disclosing user information, transaction details, or other relevant data as required by law.

9.4 User Obligations: Users are obliged to use Ancorytech's platform and services in a lawful manner, respecting all stipulations set out in this Shipping Policy and other associated policies. Any misuse or illegal activities conducted on or through the Ancorytech platform may lead to termination of access and potential legal actions


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